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terms of service

tilde.team relies on the common courtesy and consideration of users to make its services fair for everyone. the following offences will result in a service ban:

tl;dr: don't do anything illegal or harmful, especially anything that could anger the hosting company

you must be at least 13 years or older to use tilde.team.

here are some things that we don't allow:

network considerations

outgoing net- and portscanning is prohibited on tilde.team.

this is outdated now that tilde.team lives on ovh

after the major outage of november 13th, we have run in to the clause in the hetzner tos that prohibits net- and portscanning. please don't try to reach anything in the RFC-1918 private address space. for some reason, packets sent there will end up at the default gateway and may be interpreted as an attack.

i've added firewall rule to prevent outgoing requests to these subnets:

resource usage

in general, we have plenty of resources available.

however, make sure to not run anything that would disrupt other users.

to this end, there are a few limits set on your accounts: