Hyperspace - Beck


Since this is my first review here, let me make it a special one by talking about an album that sorta helped shape my current musical taste. It's funny because this is the first I'd heard of Beck and now he's one of my favorite musicians. I should also mention that this was the first time I'd heard an album of the 'experimental' kind. I couldn't really appreciate it when I first heard it but after some time it all changed... I realized music like this is my thing lol.

The overall 'minimalist' composition gives it a sound that I can only describe as futuristic. I was in for a shock when I discovered that along with Beck, Pharell Williams was a major producer in the album. Before this, Pharrel was known to me for his work in hip-hop as a guest singer and/or producer.

The first 2 songs- "Hyperspace" and "Uneventful Days" set the tone for the album while the third track "Saw Lightning" is a whole different league. "Saw Lightning" taps into both the producers' roots in hip-hop while maintaining the minimal composition heard throughout the album. Overall, it is a very eclectic album, yet consistent.