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user project
Learning about the .project file
To set up the gopherhole I have going
Reading "The AWK Programming Language"
primary objective:
- undecided, probably just gonna vibe
secondary objectives:
- learn vim
- learn rust
- the tildeverse (

maintaining a bunch of tildeverse and personal things
01-01-2023 patch spidermonkey to look like V8 by feature detection
No currently active projects.
Operation: Pinkeye - A retro FPS inspired by the likes of Goldeneye and Timesplitters, set in a world where the UK never formed.
~creme < >
freifunk-dresden < >

gempost - a simple gemlog manager
grsh - glorious rust shell (and maybe other utils rewritten on rust)
gros - OS in rust
Cool stuff
1. Making a list of ~ servers and related services inspired by awesome lists.
2. Created a simple Firefox addon that removes w3schools links from DuckDuckGo
    search results: 
    *Now available on Chrome*:
1. Keep my main website functioning smoothly.

2. Refine the "digital legacy" I'm creating for my descendants.
* Python HTTP caching:    
* Python biodiversity data access:
* Other open source projects:
* Macro photography:      
terrible science fiction
Save the universe before it collapses
Breakout Pong:
In order of priority:
1. Making a serious attempt to pass my math classes. I will probably fail, but the point is that I want to try.
2. Study the TCP/IP textbook I took out from the library.
3. Finish the 3 other books I took out from the library.
I will try to include my mental health status as well as what I plan to work on/have done today in my .plan file.
young nerd
linux user
train cars
large ride

Learning gopher
Create webpage
just vibing
I have two artistic projects right now:

- I want to gather a lot of captcha words for a wall or a zine
- I try to build a markov chain bot fueled by a corpus from
various sects

I have to typeset three zines projects.
Refinement of my digital harem.
Learning new stuff.
a latino unix nerd and communist living in the imperial core

all projects can be found at:

upcoming (not yet pushed):
~savoy/prensa (simple rss)
~savoy/abridor (xdg-open replacement using mailcap)
~savoy/dotfiles? (dotfile boostrapper/manager)
~savoy/np (now playing status for bars or term w/album art)
tui client for lemmy
text adventure game

additionally, i also mantain the following packages for void linux:
   __________________  _______________  _____
  / __/ ___/  _/ __/ |/ /_  __/  _/ _ |/ ___/
 _\ \/ /___/ // _//    / / / _/ // __ / /__  
/___/\___/___/___/_/|_/ /_/ /___/_/ |_\___/


Solstice's the name; being the resident dumbass of's the game.
Right now, just tinkering with and remembering the good old days.

e-mail: 	Bradley at NorthTech dot US
gopher: 	gopher://
gemini: 	gemini://
pgp:    	A0E3 9133 9067 0CCE
gpg:		curl | gpg --import 
irc:    	@freenode: tallship
Pleroma:	https://Pleroma.Cloud/tallship
Web:		https://NorthTech.US
Professionally: Currently working to streamline the design and engineering of residential solar projects. 
Personally: Slowly restoring my 1965 GMC 1000 to be a daily driver.
Reading: "Lote" by Shola von Reinhold

It's like a rich dessert, where I can take only a few bites
before I have to take a break.

Between that and looking up a lot of references I don't recognize,
it's taking me some time to get through.

But normally I zoom through the books that I enjoy,
so it's good to slow down and really savor this one.