About Page

Chunk9 is the Czar of Asteroid 29 in a field of moon rocks far far away, in God knows, or maybe does he even know? He hosts rave parties in his engergiehal asteroid basement club and has the choicest womens in the galaxy. Of all the packet filters around, he has the best brewed. FEAR NOTHING! Like SPACE IS EMPTINESS!

#HARDCORE4LIFE #HC4L #the8woodcutter #XMPP #FreeSoftware

Linux system administration, LAMP, LEMP, Devops, Backend development, Web Dev & the industry, Freelancer!, Graphic art, Loud obnoxious fast techno!

We like to build and host stuff, and help others but most importantly chatting! Codes are cool! Networks make it all work >:]

Some of the stuff the Czar likes to do is mine the asteroids of the furry pests called spacefuzz, and turn them into mix drinks. These are extremely high in alcohol cuz of the asteroids' level of fermentation. They really are furry bastards and if they come at you and stick to you, well, then you're usually fucked. Sucks, but true. I try to warn people all the time.

Chunk is a massive huge fan of XMPP (Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol) and can be found in his quarters spam/trolling or joking or raging about piss poor proprietary software that keeps having people come to his quarters to ask him to fix. Such is life in the realm of FAT CATS. Should we eat the rich??

This is Chunk's HAXXOR pages bahahaha, as much as the 1337 would hate my use of the word. I do strictly white hat defensive security testing and the most gray hat thing I would do is report an unsuspecting bug in some open source code. I stand FIRMLY and UNWITHSTOOD IMMOVEABLE in my beliefs of that which I luv so much : space. Bit space, the internet, geez, space is a myth wtf. You think NASA landed on the moon? Get in line sheep.

I have much love for nice easily acquired equipment such as for stereos and computers, networking also. I enjoy a healthy amount of networking and I do a mother load of command line on a daily basis. Except when I'm playing Eve Online. BAHAHAHA contradict me now so I can laugh (space game). Sadly I wasted 2 whole friggin years on that game but I still enjoy it. I'm hardcore a bit in that game too. It also has XMPP chats for each system you jump through and others. Truly Eve Online does a magnificient job of using XMPP chat protocol as well their API from in game stuff is COOOOOOL.

Well, I've got more rave music to jam out to, check it out My SoundCloud and My YouTube. Adios!