: CHUNK: Access Granted!

 : test...test...test...

 : https://linux.die.net/man/1/sshfs

 : Day 9 in space logs on this voyage, CHUNK needed a cig, and hereby posts xmpp:chunk9@tilde.team

 : New and shiny, we like shiny

 : https://github.com/sdrausty/TermuxArch/issues/73 trying to get ArchLinux on Termux X11

 : I give up: https://github.com/pelya/commandergenius/tree/sdl_android/project/jni/application/xserver

 : Cool Ncurses XMPP client: https://profanity-im.github.io/guide/latest/reference.html

 : Today's XMPP theme was Chunk Goes Mad! you would've had to be there. TerrorCore to spur the madness, computing drives him crazy! Madness EOL, deprecated tomorrow

 : Chunk9.Tilde.Team I finally fixed! YaY!

 : ~novaburst is a code dynamo!

 : <3 Laravel + <3 PHP

 : I figure I'd try to salvage the mess of my first Laravel web app, and make a blog I can write on :)

 : Baobab | .webp sends your keystrokes to Google

 : Installing a micro server farm on decrepid hardware aha!

 : Working on this site, and setting up a Laravel 8.4 with Jetstream and Sanctum for auth

 : I will eventually create a fork of twtxt and it will have a method to remotely tweet to it :)

 : @cmdr_chunk@tilde.zone


 : https://xmpp-up.tilde.team/chunk9/ELQ3aZZvX765/Promo_-_I_Wanna_Freak_You__Original_Mix_.flac