Damillora (~damillora)

Virtual content creator that believes in a WWW free of corporate control, occasionally makes programs and web sites, very specific japanese pop culture appreciator

Pronoun: he/him, they/their

Who is in the background?

Mei Toomi, character from CUE! (a voice actor franchise and mobile game by Liber Entertainment).


  • Email: damillora[at]damillora.com (you can also use my tilde.team email)
  • Fediverse: @Damillora@fed.nanao.moe (i use misskey because, again, very specific japanese pop culture appreciator)
  • Matrix: @damillora:matrix.nanao.moe

While I have accounts in mainstream platforms, they are mostly for outreach to specific interests, because they're specific.

Unless I find a CUE! fan around here, then please chat!

Curious things

Here are some oddly specific things I built