Welcome to the evil lair of Dr-WaSaBi

What happens when WaSaBi becomes sentient... and goes BAD!!

If you must, you can email me drwasabi@tilde.team

Current Evil Plans: 🙈🙉🙊

About Me:🤷‍♂️

Never know what to say to that question. Got my first computer in 1981. A Commodore VIC-20. Oh the fun of trying to fill up that 3.5 K of free memory🤣. Miss all my old computers now. Yeah I'm pretty old.

Still love to play D&D.

Been really getting into keyboards lately. Got my first nice real machincal one a few weeks ago and have already had to order a second one. First one has gateron blues, and the the 2nd has gateron reds. Very differnt to type on.


  • Setting up this web page. Learning HTML and CSS. I guess some PHP again as well
  • Playing with my new ChromeBook
  • Getting into new Keyboards, clicky.
  • Gitea for Dr. WaSaBi
  • dotenv repo
  • VS Code
  • WSL/2 and Docker 🐱‍💻
  • AWK / grep / regex
  • The History of *nix systems 🖨️

Fun Stuff:🎉

  • Exploring nvim. It's amazing how fast you loss something when you stop using everyday. 🤪Crazy!
  • Can't wait for AOC2021, need to pick something new to write in. Or maybe go old school and try Fortran or Pascal??
  • Pinball Picker - Coin Slot Games

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