Interconnected Boundaries is the personal space of somebody who was born in the overworld, that grew up and lives in Hell.
It was created about a month after mirror:world, in earlier times, this site and the diary used to be in the same space, until the posts were moved elsewhere.

Izuru Yakumo (八雲 出流 Yakumo Izuru)1 is a hermit, originally coming from the Outside World, who works as Yukari Yakumo’s servant.

Maintains a lot of software projects, most of which are forked, some are original, and named after Touhou Project characters.
Those can be found on his Git server

Dislikes and likes a bunch of things (can’t list them here as both pages are too long)

While he definitely is not a fan of JavaScript, he likes Meisuki, a maintained fork of the well-known Misskey version 10, by めいめい (MeiMei)

He runs two Fediverse2 instances, but so far he only generally posts on めいすきー, the instance ran by the aforementioned person.

Used to be a moderator on a particular Mastodon instance at some point in the past, and he regrets it badly.

He’s fluent at English, learning Japanese as much as he can, and he’s native at Spanish.

And while this sounds disturbing and/or offensive to anyone, he does not support the transgender cause, because he believes they’re making their own lives harder for no gain.

That’s all.

  1. His true name is unknown, as this identity was given to him by Lady Yukari herself
  2. Said to be a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”