Interconnected Boundaries

Only the most notable ones to date are listed. For more, see @yakumo.izuru in Gitea

Name Description Fork of Language
Aya The fastest static site generator zs Go
Chen XMPP bot to preview links and embed files angel Python
Hatate Generate fancy CVS headers without ever touching CVS Go
Kanako The adaptable password manager ayu Shell
Keine XMPP bot to replace or delete text messages angel Python
Kogasa The forgotten CLI utility for 0x0 Go
Mima A (mostly) from-scratch implementation of a neofetch-like program Go
Reisen Library with assorted CLI tools for generating ASCII from pictures image2ascii Go
Rin POSIX shell script wrapper to fdm/mblaze/msmtp Shell
Suika Drunk as hell IRC bouncer oni soju Go
Suwako Simple enough client for SimplyTranslate Go
Tokiko Minimal gopher:// server thomomys Go
Toyohime Library and command-line tool (Yorihime) for Golang vanity URLs vanity Go

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